How Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo Saved My Hair

I used to contend with dry, lifeless hair on a regular basis, but now I have found a hair care system that really works for me. I use a daily moisture renewal shampoo as part of my hair care routine. My hair is thick and wavy, and it is difficult to completely prevent split ends, especially when I have to wash daily. While I have tried many different products, I find that using a moisture renewal shampoo is the best way to keep my hair looking great and feeling healthy.

My hair care routine looks something like this; first, I get in the shower and rinse my hair well. I do this to remove any sweat or debris and I find that the initial rinse is especially important after I have been out running or participating in a yoga class. After I rinse my hair, I wash with a daily moisture renewal shampoo, Pantene is my preferred brand. I make sure to scrub my scalp well, and then I rinse the shampoo well with warm water. After washing once, I repeat this process to make sure my hair is really clean. While the shampoo I use does not require that I use a conditioner, I find that deep conditioning my hair for about five minutes twice a week really helps to keep it healthy. I have a favorite Pantene conditioner, and I apply it and leave it in while I finish my shower or shave my legs.

In addition to using my daily moisture renewal shampoo, I also make sure to keep up with any split ends that I do get by visiting my hairdresser for a cut about once every six weeks. She trims off any split ends and sometimes gives me a deep conditioning mud mask to make my hair extra healthy and shiny.

I have found that this system of washing with my favorite Pantene daily moisturizing shampoo really gives my hair body and shine, and it prevents me from having to use too many other products on my hair when I am styling it. I can usually use just a small amount of mousse right before I blow dry my hair, and that is enough to make it shiny, bouncy and capable of holding the style of my choice, whether that be a wavy, carefree look or a slick and sleek straight look.

If you are having trouble with split ends or overly dry hair and feel like there is no solution at hand, give a high quality moisture renewing shampoo a try. In my opinion, it takes about four weeks to see real results with the method I described above, but results will come if you are persistent, patient and diligent. The end result will be beautiful hair that has a lot of life and feels healthy. This will help you to feel vibrant and alive, and really boost your self confidence every time you style your hair.

How to Choose the Right Semi Pro Camcorder

If you’re interested in buying a semi pro camcorder, you’ll want to put a lot of thought into your purchase. Even though camcorders are far more affordable than they used to be, prices still tend to be pretty high, and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

The best thing you can do is make sure you do plenty of research. The more you know about the cameras on the market, the easier it will be for you to find the ideal camera for your needs, and the easier it will be for you to get a good deal.

The first thing you should determine is the kind of features you want your semi pro camcorder to have. That way, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and only look at cameras that have everything you want. You may want to spend some time researching features.

It’s also a good idea to seek out information from people who are knowledgeable about cameras. There are many message boards full of camera experts. Join them and find out what brands and models they recommend. Ask for as much advice as you need.

When you’re shopping for your camcorder, make sure you set a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away when you see everything that’s out there. Make sure you know what you’re willing to spend ahead of time so that you don’t get caught up in the moment and spend more.

There are a lot of great semi pro camcorder models out there, and you’re sure to find one that you’ll absolutely love. Keep looking until you choose a camcorder that’s right for you. You’ll love being able to shoot footage with your amazing new camcorder.

How You Can Get Free Obey Stickers

Many people have seen people using “Obey” stickers on their cars and various possessions. Some of these people have wondered if they would be able to get these stickers for free. Free Obey stickers are sometimes available, and you should definitely look for them if you’re interested.

One of the easiest ways to get stickers is to ask the manufacturer directly. Find some stores or websites that carry these stickers, and then ask if you can have a few. There’s a good chance they’ll be happy to part with a handful of stickers, especially if they’ll promote their store in some way.

If you can’t get free stickers on their own, you may be able to get free stickers by making a purchase. Sometimes, free stickers are automatically included with every purchase, or very purchase that goes over a certain price point. Look for places that offer these kinds of deals.

If you can’t find a place that offers free stickers automatically, you should ask if they’d be willing to send some to you. Even if a store may not want to give away by itself, it’s likely that they’ll be happy to give a free sticker or two to a paying customer.

Sometimes, you might be sent free Obey stickers if you’re a regular customer at a store. You may not even ask for them at all; they might come in the mail unexpectedly. Getting something for free is always a nice surprise, especially if it’s stickers.

Stickers are often given away at various events, such as concerts or sporting events. There’s a good chance you might be able to get some free stickers there. Keep an eye out for any booths that have people giving items away. You may be able to score the stickers you’re after.

If you don’t want to leave things up to chance, check out the websites of sites that carry Obey stickers. See if they have a listing of events they’ll be attending in the future. If you go to one of those events, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to get the stickers that you want.

The key to getting items for free is usually persistence. The more you ask, and the more you look around, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get what you’re after. The number one reason most people don’t get free things is because they never ask for them.

If you want to earn free stickers, don’t be afraid to let people know. Ask for them every chance you can. Sooner or later, someone will say yes, and you’ll have some great stickers you didn’t have to pay for.

You can get free obey stickers as long as you’re willing to put a little bit of effort in. Don’t avoid asking when you have the opportunity. If you do, you may be missing out on your chance to get the stickers that you want to have.

I Want A Pair Of Camo Oakleys

I was browsing online for some sunglasses. I broke the last pair that I had. I did not realize that I had left them on the passenger seat in my car. When my girlfriend got in, she sat on them and broke them. It was not her fault. I should have put them away properly. She said that she would buy me a new pair. So, I have been browsing online. I saw some camo Oakleys that look really cool. I read the description and liked what it said. So, I decided to look for these in a retail store just so I can try them on for size.

I found them in a department store. They were charged at full price, so I knew that I would not be buying those sunglasses from there. I still tried them on anyway. The minute I put them on, I knew they felt right.

For one thing, the camo pattern fits in with most of the clothes that I own. I wear a lot of browns, blacks, and olive greens. So the frames would match a lot of my wardrobe.

I liked the way the camo Oakleys felt on my face. The frame is really light, so my face does not feel like it is carrying them. The frames are sturdy and feel flexible.

When I put on the sunglasses in the store, my eyes felt comfortable immediately. It must be the glaring light from inside the department store, but my vision was actually very clear when I was wearing them. I looked around inside the store just to test it out. I could things far away. The sunglasses made a big difference in cutting down the glare from all the store lights.

Since I was near the exit, I asked the clerk if I could wear these and just stand by the door where I could look out. She allowed me to. So, I tested them outside, and I was not disappointed. It was a very bright day, with full sun, but my eyes were not bothered. It was reassuring to know that my eyes were protected from the UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation from the sun. That is what makes the Oakley brand so popular.

Even my peripheral vision seemed to have improved. My other sunglasses did not contour around my face. That explains why I had bad peripheral vision when I wore the old ones.

With so many positive features to the camo Oakleys, I felt like I made a good choice. I had my girlfriend comment on my choice, and she agreed that they look really good. Since the department store was not giving a discount, I decided to look for the same brand and model and order online.

My girlfriend offered to pay, but these are actually quite expensive. But she insisted. So, I let her pay for them. I will take extra good care of them this time and not leave them lying around.

My Honest Review After Using Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder

I have been waiting to do this review for quite a long time. However, I really wanted to make sure that the product was the real deal before going ahead and writing this review. I went ahead and tried Nyx eyebrow cake powder after a very interesting story that happened between my friend and I. The thing is, I really do believe that this eyebrow cake powder is one of the best on the market right now. Well, you’ll find out why I think this way as you continue to read this Nyx eyebrow cake powder honest review.

My friend is a professional makeup artists, and she always gives me great advice in regards to makeup. She always comes to meet up with me with great makeup and style. I’m sometimes really jealous of just how well my friend is able to style herself up and do makeup on herself. She looks like a model most of the time. The other day she told me that I should start using eyebrow cake powder on myself If I wanted to look more attractive. However, she had a catch. She told me to only use Nyx eyebrow cake powder, because Nyx is one of the only good brands that make high quality eyebrow cake powder.

I obviously couldn’t ignore this advice that my friend gave me. In fact, I was really happy that I had got some advice from my very stylish and good looking friend. I was happy that she had though enough about my facial looks and decided that using eyebrow cake powder would make me look better. Hence, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to go and purchase some Nyx eyebrow cake powder for myself, according to my friend’s advice.

Before I went and took the plunge, I went and asked some other friends about their thoughts on Nyx eyebrow cake powder. They all told me that Nyx is one of their favorite makeup brands to use. They certainly aren’t as expensive and many of the other makeup brands, and they provide really great products. Hence, I bought myself Nyx eyebrow cake powder and have been using it every day since, because it looks so amazing!

Nyx eyebrow cake powder should be part of any women’s makeup collection, it works like a great charm and should be used by women all around the world!

Lumia 520 Specs and Features

Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the cheapest windows phones that one can have. Its price however does not compromise on its quality and efficiency in use. Operating under the new windows 8 and windows 8.1 platforms, the phone can support multiple application, and can also be your business partner especially where efficiency is required. The reason for this is that, the Lumia 520 comes preinstalled with office suite applications such as word, excel, VoIP apps and OneDrive for seamless document synch wherever you are. Discussed below are a few of the Lumia 520 specs you ought to look out for.

1. The Design: This is one of the strongholds with Nokia phones. The Lumia 520 comes in a sleek design, specially designed to fit your pocket without causing any bulge. It comes with curvy edges on the corners hence making it a lot smoother though firm on grip. Its wireless charging capacity farther makes the phone sleeker, as it does not need any ports, hence no dentures.

2. Features: The features in the Lumia 520 specs are astounding. These include the HD camera, highly sensitive capacitive touch screen, enhanced music listening experience, duo core processor for smooth running of applications and other support features. Some people term the phone as their little office away from their workplaces. In addition to all these, the Lumia 520 supports 4G networks, is WIFI enabled and does support wireless tethering. This means you can turn this phone into a wireless internet hotspot, especially in areas without internet connectivity.

3. Usability: Most people find it very hard to use a smartphone for the first time. Well, this is not the case with this phone. The Lumia 520 is one of the simplest phones to learn how to use. Its features and functions are straightforward. The phone even has live tool tips to help you through applications without running to a dead end. Those seeking a heightened music listening and video watching experience can use 3.5mm jacks for optimal experience. Although the earphones that come with the phone are great, you have a choice of using DJ headphones, or even wireless Bluetooth for seamless listening.

4. Performance and value: One astounding fact you will get on Lumia 520 specs is the heavy-duty duo core processor. Thanks to this technology, the phone can handle almost every application, gaming and even able to run multiple apps at one go. Some users have even attempted to run three apps at one go, and the Lumia handled them just fine. Unlike most phones that start lagging from CPU overuse, this phone remains cool and requesting more.

One good thing about the Lumia 520 is that, it is among the most affordable high-end smartphones by Nokia. Considering the features that come with this phone, and what it does achieve, its price is lower than its value.

If you are interested in getting this phone, you can buy it under two options. The cheaper option is by buying it through your phone service provider, and under a contract. If you however want to use the phone with different network service providers, you will then have to cough more in cash for the same.

Impressive Meeting

Students of the College Corbulo in Voorburg and their parents Saturday sought solace together at a meeting in the auditorium of the high school, where Friday a 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death about the mens dress shirts.

Interim director Kees van der Whip spoke after a warm and impressive gathering.

‘A lot of people wondered how this could happen in a country like the Netherlands and at a school that is so involved with his students’ “says Van der Whip.

During the meeting, which lasted from 13:00 to 15:00, the auditorium was filled. The attendees were able to sign a book of condolence.there were also professionals present.They had to fill out a dress shirt waiver in order to wear the bodysuit.

Also on the Hague football VCS, where the stabbed boy played football, Saturday is stopped at his death. “” An ink black day ‘, reports the club. All matches for the weekend have been canceled and the team of the guy that came together to talk about it.


The student was stabbed to death in the third year of Corbulo College, a school with about three hundred students. A 16-year-old fellow student has been arrested as a suspect in the stabbing.  Apparently the dispute was over newborn baby boy clothes.

Police made earlier in the day announced that the arrested boy Monday will be brought before the magistrate. Who must decide whether he will stay longer in custody or that he be allowed to await trial at home.

The boy from Rijswijk would have fled. After stabbing his schoolmate. Pupils co pursued him and a short time later officers could arrest him.


Van der Whip said that the teachers Monday at 8:00 am are expected at school. ‘They then receive training from professionals how they can best assist the students.’

“” The students we expect to 10:00 on school. They are then picked up by their mentors and even then there is professional help available. “”

The interim director said that the intention is to begin after 11:15 pm to offer the students. Structure as soon as possible Monday with the curriculum In so doing, the teachers closely monitor whether the students there be in need.

Special issue

The Corbulo College has opened a special phone number where students and parents can turn to. The number, 070-3795160, available 24 hours a day and is staffed by professionals.

Monday evening there is an information, including social workers are present again.

The Best Perfume Of 2015

World leaders , including US President Barack Obama, who offered to help catch the perpetrators of the “horrible massacre”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the attack, while supporters group Islamic State so celebrated as a deserved revenge against vera wang fragrance. The extremist Islamic militia and al-Qaeda state have threatened to attack France and minutes before the attack, “Charlie Hebdo” had sent Twitter a satirical cartoon in which the group leader expressed his wishes new year.

Another cartoon published this week titled “There are no attacks in France” showed a militiaman who said, “Wait a bit, have until late January to present our New Year wishes.” “Today is the black day in the history of the French press,” said Christophe Deloire, Reporters Without Borders. Luc Poignard, SBP police union, said the attackers fled in two vehicles. A witness to the attack, Benoit Bringer told TV “ITélé” that saw several masked men with automatic weapons at the offices of the medium in the center of Paris.

Witnesses who refused to give his name for security reasons said the attackers were so methodical that initially mistook French counterterrorism agents. The Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said that US authorities were in touch with their French colleagues, adding: “We know it will not let cowed by this terrible act.” In social networks there was praise for the attack by supporters of the Islamic militias. A Twitter user who identified himself as a Tunisian supporter of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State said the attack was a deserved revenge against France.

Charlie Hebdo offices were attacked with vera wang perfume lovestruck firebombs in 2011 after a number with a cartoon parody Muhammad on its cover. Almost a year later, the weekly rejoined post rude drawings of the prophet, garnering complaints throughout the Muslim world. Islam forbids publishing portraits of their founder. In 2013, the magazine Inspire of the terrorist network al-Qaeda threatened specifically Charb and included an article entitled “France jerk invader”.

I must say this is the holy grail of lotions

The Central Bank continued its daily interventions in the clinique set exchange program, through the auction of 2000 foreign exchange swap contracts (operation is equivalent to a future sale of dollars), for $ 98 million. The authority also promoted another auction to roll 10,000 swap contracts that would mature on February 2, for $ 486.4 million. To date, the BC already rolled about 14% of the total lot with a deadline for the second day of the month, equivalent to US $ 10.405 billion.

After several years of poor sales, the major TV manufacturers are pinning their growth expectations in the segment of super high definition, which features incredibly realistic images in increasingly interactive equipment. The fashion of super high definition (HD Ultra also called, UHD or 4K, a quality four times the current HD) is definitely installed on devices shown this week at the International Exhibition of Electronic Supplies (CES 2015) in Las Vegas. The South Korean group LG Electronics announced on Monday, the press, the expansion of its family of 4K TVs, including flat screens or slightly curved to allow a more panoramic view or even flexible and up to 77 inches.

The Japanese Sony introduced a dozen new models, which promotes itself as so thin that seem to float on the wall. One has a thickness of just 4.9 millimeters. Manufacturers are also increasingly inclined to produce interactive TVs and connected to the Internet: for example, can recognize the user and make personalized clinique moisturizing lotion. Many of these “smart TVs” use the Android operating system, Google’s very popular on tablets and smartphones. But South Korea’s Samsung, which also led to the CES new giant screens Ultra HD, use your operating system Tizen, ensuring that improves its reliability, durability and rich color. The TV market looks set for recovery, because the living rooms of the houses are experiencing a wave of renewal of flat screens, which began to be acquired for a decade, according to the Association of Electronic Consumer Goods (CEA) of the United States, which organizes the international exhibition.

UGG Goes Amphibious

Dear reader and friend of AICA: Following the summer break and the temporary closure of the Argentina Episcopal Conference and the diocesan curia, AICA not send their usual daily news service elque will resume on Monday, January 19, 2015. However, you can visit our website: . to be updated with the most important news of the Church in Argentina and the world take this occasion to eviarle {on our best wishes and wish you a happy 2015.

The head of the Anses Diego Bossio said that the implementation of biometric identification seek to facilitate the beneficiary collecting your retirement and pension and avoid “microestafas” reaching annually to 1.7 billion pesos. He clarified that no one fail to charge his credit and that “if the retiree wants to continue going to the bank can.”

Resolution 648 of the adirondack boot ii provides for the use of biometric tools for accreditation of faith life, therefore, “during” the financial entities that make payments of pensions to retired ask proxies register your fingerprint. The basic aim is that “retirees do not have to go to the bank to cash,” Bossio said told Radio del Plata, because financial institutions should have ATMs bearing fingerprint reader. But he added that “if the retiree wants to keep going to the bank can do” to mark “no retiree will stop collecting retirement” for the implementation of this system.

He noted that some banks have already started with weather boots women recognition and that among the reasons for the measure are the “microestafas” of those who continue to claim the pension if the beneficiary had already died. This mode “is repeated more than what you believe” and although “much reduced” in the year exceed 1.7 billion pesos. Search tasks of the bodies and the wreckage of AirAsia wrecked Sunday in the Java Sea continue amid complications by strong waves and winds. So far seven bodies of the 162 people aboard were recovered.

“The waves are of three meters and there is a strong wind,” said a spokesman for the Navy, Yayan Sofyan, the station Metro TV. The bodies were found off the coast of Borneo, near where the Airbus A320 flight covering QZ8501 Surabaya, Indonesia, Singapore, lost contact with radar before rushing to the sea. Authorities believe there are no survivors.

The perfect shoe, for a silly sport

Pyongyang denies the charges, although it welcomed the invasion of computers. The representative of North Korea did not address the council meeting, but Pyongyang rejected the committee’s report, saying the Security Council in a letter delivered on Monday, people who collaborated with the commission were “the scum of humanity devoid of a shred of conscience. ” Pyongyang said the Security Council should discuss the mens samba report on CIA torture. Source: Dow Jones Newswires.

Ukraine took another step towards NATO, resigning on Tuesday to their country of non-aligned status, a decision that provoked the wrath of Moscow. The Ukrainian parliament voted by a large majority of 303 deputies, and with only eight votes against, in favor of a bill that commits Kiev to “fulfill the criteria necessary for accession to the Atlantic Alliance.” The text, approved without controversy in a parliament dominated by pro-Western, should now simply be promulgated by the President Petro Porochenko, which explained the need for “aggression” Russian military against Ukraine.

The “illegal annexation” by Moscow Crimean peninsula of Ukraine in March and the “military intervention” Russian in the east of Ukraine “determine the need to seek more effective guarantees for the independence, sovereignty, security and territorial integrity” of the country stresses the analysis note accompanying the bill.

Russia annexed the Crimea after the fall in February, the pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who violently suppressed pro-European events in Kiev, before fleeing to Russia. Kiev and the West also accused Moscow of having organized and armed pro-Russian rebellion in eastern Ukraine, which led the Ukrainian authorities to launch a military offensive in the Donbass region. In this confrontation has killed more than 4,700 people since the beginning of April. Russia is also accused of having sent to the Eastern Ukraine regular troops – so far ten thousand sodados, according to the best soccer brand. Moscow denies any direct involvement in the conflict, but that did not stop was the target of harsh Western sanctions.

K Swiss Goes For The Swish

Relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated in the spring of 2014 in connection with the annexation of Crimea to Russia, and also because of Moscow’s position on Ukrainian conflict. Several countries, including the United States imposed sanctions against k swiss online. In blacklists were Russian politicians and businessmen. Subsequently, the restrictive measures were extended and affected the whole economy. December 20, Obama issued a decree imposed an economic blockade of the Crimea.

In 2010, Barack Obama was invited to Moscow to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Victory. However, the US leader on May 9 was unable to visit the Russian capital. Deputy Head of the Department of Transport in Moscow Alina Bisembayeva told how tariffs are adjusted for public transport, the correspondent of “Gazety.Ru”. Ticket for a single trip will cost 50 rubles., That is 25% more expensive. Ticket for two trips – 100 rubles., That is, the growth rates will be as 25%.


Ticket prices by 20-60 trips will increase by 7.5%.Bisembayeva noted that this was lower than expected inflation. These tickets are 50% of the passengers. The cost of one trip on the map “Troika” will grow by 7.1%, a trip on the subway will cost 30 rubles., On land transport – 29 rubles. Card “Troika” are 26% of the passengers. Meanwhile, unlimited travel on 30 and 90 days decreased by 15%, ie 30 days travel will cost 2 thousand. Rub., 90 – 5 thousand. Rub.

Bisembayeva explained that the adjustment cost will put on a government meeting in Moscow on 23 and 30 December, and operate the new prices will start from February 1. Liksutov previously promised that the increase fares in the metropolitan transportation will not exceed inflation in 2014. The last time, June 1, the price of public transport rose by 7%.

He became a star and toured dozens of cities. Came, of course, and in Russia, performed at a concert in honor of the fall of the k swiss on sale, in honor of the birthday of Nelson Mandela, at the inauguration of US President George W. Bush more than forty-year musical career, he released nearly three dozen albums, including the platinum Cocker, Unchain my heart, One night of sin.Among his hits that still occupy high positions in the music rankings – Unchain My Heart, N’oubliez jamais, My Father’s Son.

Staying Slim Through Winter

The regional government for a long time will have to deal with how to use traveler money, and how to shake up the industry to improve the population felt.

The company Apple is again raising product prices in Russia on 24 December. It is reported , “Russian news service” , citing sources close to suppliers of body slimmers.

This decision was made due to fluctuations in the currency markets and a sharp weakening of the ruble.

The company has already raised prices on the iPhone and iPad on November 26. New smartphones iPhone 6 and 6 Plus rose by an average of 25%. About the same price rose on iPhone 5S and 5C, as well as the iPad and the penultimate new generations.

Now the official website Apple iPhone 6 with memory 16 GB worth 39,990 rubles., IPhone 6 Plus 16 GB – 46 990 rub.

Taken hostage by a few dozen people a man killed during the assault. It is said in a statement posted on Twitter Channel 9 News. Local policeconfirmed that the assault cafe where the suspect barricaded himself completed. Details on the operation of the police promised to provide later.According to 9 News, the suspect shot and killed during a shootout.According to unconfirmed information 7 News reporter Chris Reason, only during the assault, killing two people and three others wounded. Video of the assault is available at YouTube.

Journalists Channel 9 News clarify that now best shapewear for tummy and handlers check the scene for the presence of bombs. Injured were sent to hospital. Earlier it was reported that the hostage-taking man demanded to bring him the flag group “Islamic State” to arrange talks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.According to security officials, the suspect previously opposed the international military operation in Afghanistan. In addition, it is known that the man has a criminal record for sexual harassment. Capture Lindt Cafe in the heart of Sydney took place on the night of December 15, Moscow time.A few people managed to escape, but another 40 remained hostage.Invader claimed. that laid in a few bombs, but this information was not confirmed.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow hopes that the Kiev authorities will cease to provoke Donbass rejection and change this policy of dialogue.

It Figures

According to security experts Henning Riecke of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) flight movements have both the character of a practice and a political component.There go the one hand, Russia is “to test how the NATO air defense is set up,” Riecke said the Tagesspiegel. Russia wants to “demonstrate with this saber rattling outside that it must be taken seriously as a military power.” Inward see President Putin that Russia would not let himself be intimidated by an allegedly aggressive NATO. There is no need to worry: “I do not see any attempt by Russia to the crisis to escalate a hdmi projector militarily with the West because of the conflict in Ukraine,” said Riecke. A calm response was the correct answer, because they do not verbaue the way towards a possible understanding with Moscow when the Russian government show a different behavior.


On the issue of the controversial construction of two ultra-modern warships from Mistral for Russia Paris is coming under increasing pressure from Moscow. In deference to concerns in projector for smartphones NATO President François Hollande had “suspended” at the height of the Ukraine crisis in September the delivery of the first of the two ships. The conditions were not met, they said, connected with the unspoken hope that would change for the better until the end of October, the contractually stipulated delivery date, things. But now Paris was reminded of Moscow in an unusual way to meet its obligations. On the Internet, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Wednesday published an invitation from the French state shipyard DCNS to the Russian contractor for the Rosoboronexport official handover of the finished helicopter carrier “Vladivostok” on 14 November in Saint-Nazaire. The second Mistral ship “Sebastopol” is to be completed by 2016.
The date was denied by Paris immediately. “The conditions, that is, the full implementation of the peace plan for Ukraine are not currently met,” said Finance Minister Michel Sapin. It was also denied that the Russian side an invitation had been sent. In the paper if it were a high-handed actions of the DCNS, said in Paris. But it is hard to imagine that the Secretary of State was passed over. The embarrassment of the Seine could not in any event be greater.

Tunes of memories old

After a so-so fiscal year,Bundesbank believes the German economy remains without major impulses by year end. The German central bank predicts that Europe’s largest extreme camera economy enjoys no great economic boost until the end of 2014, because “not experiencing a true recovery in several key partners in the Euro Zone.”


In its November report released last Monday, the skateboard camera Bundesbank predicts that the global economy does not record significant changes, positive or negative, until the end of the current fiscal year.

“The weak cyclical outlook and stagnation of orders signal strongly of upcoming positive economic developments in Germany, however I expect to see no pulses until at least the end of 2014,” the report cited by Expansion.

A team led by Jens Weidmann institution notes that although “the overall demand for goods is expanding, currently lacking strong impulses”.

After having advanced 0.1% in the third quarter, following the 0.2% contraction seen in the second quarter, the biggest European economy is not expected major improvements until the end of the year.

Because, argues the representative from the German central bank, “have not you register a real recovery in several key partners in the Euro Zone.”

Although the depreciation of the euro against the dollar and declines in oil prices as of late, trends that have seen a rise in recent weeks, the Bundesbank believes the German domestic market still asserts itself as the sole engine of growth in Europe due to the positive effect of wage increases and stability of the labor market there.

My Least Favorite Sport

So I’m supposed to be telling you about the wonders of the coach peyton satchel. But my new favorite thing to do with these keywords is redefine them. For example, in a previous post about clarks wallabee shoes, I decided this was no longer a shoe brand and that, instead, it was a real guy making shoes for wallabees. Imagine the possibilities. So for this keyword, I’ve decided it is not a brand but a leader of a team, he is mr. PS – leading the world’s worst American football team.

But they have a secret play that the world hasn’t seen yet. During their next game against the SF 49ers (aka the only football team I can remember off the top of my head) they are going to pull out their secret weapon: the dome satchel handbag. They whip them out and hit the other players with them. Maybe some contain bricks. Others contain chickens. Whatever it is. They hit them hard and the team is not only knocked out by the force of the purse, but they are shocked into a coma that a team could use such a strange and wonderful tactic to make a touchdown. And that’s how this team wins, al thanks to mr. PS up there. You go sir. You go.

coach satchel

American football, and I say that because I still feel foreign when I talk about this sport, is so boring and stupid. These players are all going to have major damage when they are old. But most of them start playing in high school and college and they are so stupid it’s the only way they get a college degree – so they don’t have enough IQ points to realize that they are severely damaging their bodies. That is the problem with the American education system. We don’t care if your dumb, if you can throw a ball and win for us, we take you and make you famous. Just don’t ever get in front of a microphone if you can avoid it. Kids look up to you, and they learn its more important to be good at sports then to be good at math. What is the world coming to?

The toher reason I don’t like football is because only like 15 or 20% of what you watch is actually play time. The majority is setting up, walking around the field, watching managers talk to their team, men slapping other men’s butts, and of course endless commercials. It definitely scares me how much the US is about getting people to buy things they don’t need. I’m finally understanding what capitalism is all about. On the other hand I guess I need to get on board since that’s what we do. We make it easier for people to buy stuff they don’t need. On the other hand, that would happen anyway, so at least we are using cool new technology to do it. At least we are leaving a mark on the world of industry. Revolutionizing the way people interact since online interaction is only going to becoe more prevalent. If you can’t beat them, join them. I’m not saying I don’t love my job. I do. I really do. But there will probably always be a voice in the back of my head saying you’ve joined in on feeding people what they don’t need.

For now, bring on the American way. Football, shopping, and lots and lots of fast food.

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The TAD has upheld a legal challenge Reals in Madrid on Friday, media reported, citing the court.

Zidane was the Spanish federation (RFEF) blocked this week because of a lack of coaching license. Now the 42-year-old Frenchman may exercise the coaching profession to a final judgment again. The Reserve Real, Real Madrid Castilla, receives on Saturday in an official match of the third division, the B-team of Rayo Vallecano. 0228

After Zidane had worked in the past season at the Royal Erstligateam as an assistant to head coach Carlo Ancelotti, the world champion took over the reserve of Real from 1998 this season. According to the RFEF needed Zizou, who completed the coaching course in France, for the coaching license from level 3, he does not yet possess.

Former professional football had set in spring with around 1.4 per mille of alcohol in the blood his luxury car into a tree – a total loss. “It was a big mistake. I have no special rights as a star,” the standing at Schalke 04 as a club ambassador under contract 36-year-old was insightful.

And so it went in the trial, especially to the economic circumstances of the accused, who are for the calculation of the fine of great importance.His lawyer had to disclose the income of his client. Thus Asamoah deserves for his current activity in soccer club Schalke 04, including a pension almost 7500 euros per month. For his television appearances during the World Cup this summer in Brazil, he received a daily allowance of 1300 euros. Given this income, the court imposed a fine of 45 daily cheapest designer sunglasses rates of 380 euros. The prosecution had demanded even less.Thus, the sentence was mitigated. In July, the court had initially imposed a fine of 45 daily rates of 900 euros.

His driving license can apply for new Asamoah only in seven months. Its extensive records on their driving had thereby aggravating. That he has sworn off since the accident demonstrated the alcohol played no role in the court. Asamoah has accepted the judgment.


Jumanji time

The officially in force for two weeks truce in the unrecognized “people’s republics” Donetsk and Lugansk holds on the whole, as media reports.However, it always comes back to incidents, for giving the conflict sides blaming each other. The insurgents in Donetsk stated that repeatedly had heard gunshots and explosions. Thus, the Ukrainian government troops held many positions further supported by heavy artillery under control.

The EU welcomed the agreed under OSCE mediation in the Belarusian capital Minsk new steps for a solution to the crisis. The ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners had led to a “significant decline” of violence, it said in a notice published in Brussels the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. A permanent cease-fire was the key for a political solution to the crisis.

The separatists had welcomed the recent concessions made by the Ukrainian government as steps on their path to independence.The delicate question of the future status of East Ukraine – one of the main points of dispute between Kiev and the separatists – but was not an issue in the negotiations in Minsk. In’ll talk later, said separatist leader ladies puma shoes Alexander Sachartschenko.


Poroshenko had granted eastern Ukraine by a special law for three years. The state provides extensive autonomy rights. Removal of the eastern Ukrainian regions rejects the government in Kiev but more vehemently.

The Ukrainian leadership had begun in mid-April the controversial “anti-terrorism operation” against the heavily armed and supported by Russia separatists. womens sport shoes Since then, more than 3,000 people died in the fighting, according to UN estimates. Thousands have been injured. Hundreds of thousands of East Ukrainians are on the run – both within Ukraine and to a large extent in Russia.

According to the memorandum, signed in Minsk foreign fighters to leave the Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry on Saturday rejected allegations of the West back again, in eastern Ukraine, Russian soldiers would be used. To combat the humanitarian crisis Moscow sent after the meeting in Minsk a third aid convoy into the conflict zone. Around 200 trucks with 2,000 tons of food and medicine brought to the crisis area.


Smile, It’s not that bad

As a sign of the times, steel exports from Brazil in October jumped 39 percent over a year earlier to 1.046 million tons, while domestic sales fell 10.6 percent to 1.798 million tons.

The increase in production in October was driven by a 82.7 percent jump in the volume of plates produced, semi-finished products with low added value, to 708 000 tons. The production of cargo pants, used in industries such as vehicles, machinery and equipment, fell 5.9 percent, while in long, used in construction, fell by 7.4 percent in volume produced.

Part of the increase in the production of plates is due to resume in July standing blast furnace at ArcelorMittal in the Holy Spirit, whose production is export-oriented.

Steel imports by Brazil in October fell 19 percent in volume over a year earlier to 334,000 tons, also falling in comparison to 376 000 tons in September, according to data from IABr.

The increase in the value of diesel oil in place from the last 7 days, will cause an impact of R $ 260 million to agribusiness in Mato Grosso. The information was released by the Association of Soy Producers and Corn State (Aprosoja-MT) based on data from the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (IMEA).

“This increase penalizes twice farmers from Mato Grosso. First, within the property, as used in diesel machinery. And then also in logistics, which costs the state are already exorbitant due to inefficiency, “says president Aprosoja-MT, Ricardo Tomczyk, in note.

According to the organization, the study was done based on the effect of the increase in fuel cost transported grain and inputs. According to data from IMEA, the average increase of the levis twill pants in the state is 5.5%, which should result in an increase of 2.8% on shipping cost.

The institute also reveals that the total cost of production of soybeans increased by 0.15%, an increase of R $ 31.5 million. For corn, the increase was 0.13%, equivalent to R $ 8.2 million more. In relation to freight, with the average increase, the increase in costs for producers of soybeans and corn can turn around R $ 183.5 million. The bigger impact comes from the transport of grain, which means 70% of the total.

Brazil has 155 300 people in a similar situation to slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index report in 2014, the Walk Free Foundation, released today (17). There was a significant decrease compared to last year’s survey, which showed over 210 thousand people subjected to forced labor in the country. According to the organization, 200 361 925 Brazilians, 0.078% is in this condition.

I Love Cheap Babies

I remember presenting one of the initial incarnations of my thesis at the conference last spring. Bose dock speakers, as my thesis adviser, braved the early morning to hear me present, bright and early at 8am. That was the one other time I was nervous to talk in front of a room full of rhetoricians! Sharing my research ideas confirmed how much I enjoy rhetoric. That conference started off my summer. I spent the majority of that summer in the library, researching for my thesis, and then furiously writing incarnation after incarnation. But perhaps the hardest part was hunting down the last member of my committee to get his signature, and though I wish I were, I am not entirely joking!


In addition to taking graduate classes and perhaps attending a conference, some of us tutored the best Bose speaker, others did drop in tutoring; some of us even taught our own class, complete with the freedom to design our own assignments and the pleasure (note the sarcasm) of grading said assignments. I certainly learned time management after I decided it was a great idea to grade 32 papers on a given Sunday!


Teaching remains one of my fondest memories. One of the most rewarding times was when I provided an alternative assignment in lieu of the final. The assignment entailed writing me, their teacher, a one page letter explaining why they should not have to take a final, using the strategies we had discussed in the class. They then had to write a one page rhetorical analysis of the strategies they employed and how they intended for them to function rhetorically. Their grade on the assignment would substitute for the final so they did not have to take the final. Several of the students chose to complete the alternative assignment – and wrote quite crafty and persuasive letters! I was pleased to note that none discussed multiple dying grandparents and relied on ethos and logos in addition to pathos.


Those of us on the technical writing track gained other valuable experience. Some worked on technical writing projects, making business plans for companies in our community. Others took their newly acquired skills and weekly applied it in their full time jobs outside the university, whether a technical writing job, marketing, or teaching.


We accomplished much.


After graduation, we will head in a variety of directions. Some will go on to PhD programs in the Midwest. Others to technical writing jobs, making business plans and managing projects. Still others will return to industry positions, taking a new set of rhetoric skills with them. And some will become teachers.


This moment, at graduation, is ours. This is the kairotic moment at which we choose where to go from here. Wherever we each choose, when someone says so and so’s ethos is at stake, or their text worked because of identification, or the argument heavily relied on pathos, we will understand and have our own rhetorical take. Congratulations, class of 2013, it might be Greek to us, but now we understand it!